How to back up Google Analytics Universal data for free (no BigQuery) and make it useful

In this article, which premiered during Superweek 🥳, I will demonstrate how to back up data from your Universal Google Analytics for free using the Google Analytics API, Google Sheets, and Looker Studio. The result? A beautiful dashboard that allows you to easily view your data. 👀 Additionally, since this process was specifically designed for…

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Como medir os utilizadores que bloqueiam o Google Analytics e o Google Tag Manager (gratuitamente)

How to measure users that blocked Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (in a private way)

In this article I will talk about how I managed to, anonymously and privately, measure the number of users who block Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (GTM). To measure the number of users we will use a script to grab information (below) and a Google Sheet (below) to record visitor information. ℹ️ DISCLAIMER: Keep…

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